Opening Page

You can return to the opening view at any time by a mouse click on the Coremine Medical logo always displayed at the upper left corner of the page.

The Selection field and Categories buttons, used in selecting concepts to explore in Coremine Medical, are prominent features of the opening page and will be discussed later.

There are also several links visible on the opening page. Most of these remain constantly accessible at the top of the page throughout your navigation of the Coremine Medical interface.

The disclaimer "Coremine Medical does not provide medical advice" is included at the bottom of each page. This is to remind users that Coremine Medical is NOT intended to be a substitute for the advice of a health professional. The Terms of use link opens a page that contains the text of the full Disclaimer and other conditions relevant to the proper use of Coremine Medical.

Most of the links and buttons seen on the opening page are constant elements shown on every page within the Coremine Medical interface. A few elements, however, are found only on the opening page view.

Features seen only on opening page

When opening the web address the page displayed includes some text describing Coremine Medical as well as a short embedded film showing an example use of Coremine Medical.

There are also logos for various Partner and Supporter institutions that are hyperlinked to their corresponding web sites (these same links can be accessed from the Links menu described below).

This opening view is "lost" after submitting concepts to explore in Coremine Medical. You can return to the view by clicking the Coremine Medical logo in the upper left corner of any page. WARNING! this will "clear" results of the immediatly preceding exploration.

Constant elements of the interface

Links at top of page


Clicking the Login text link at the top of the page opens a box requesting your Email (username) and Password. If you have not previously registered with Coremine Medical, there is a link to the Register page. If you have already registered but forgotten your password you can request a temporary new password (reset this to your own choice of password using My Page >> Profile >> Edit).


The register link opens a dialog box that allows you to become a user of Coremine Medical features such as My Page and Groups. Create a nick name (to help protect your identity) and password connected to your personalized Coremine Medical pages. Registering with Coremine Medical allows you to define and create Projects, retrieve previous activity through Search History, create a list of bookmarked concepts as well as a list of concepts that trigger email alerts. There are also additional Tools for exploring and compiling a reference Library for the registered user. And participating in a Group discussion forum requires that you be a registered user.


Opens these help pages.


Links under this menu opens to pages that describe the company and conditions for using Coremine Medical. This is a list of those links and a short description of the pages:


Opens a page that welcomes you to submit comments and questions regarding Coremine Medical.


Displays hyperlinks to web pages of selected Partners and Supporters of the Coremine Medical project.

Links to Coremine Medical function pages

Links to pages containing collections of Coremine Medical functions are visible at the upper right of any page in the interface: