Coremine Medical Help Pages

Coremine Medical gives you quick access to comprehensive information on diseases, drugs, treatments and medical biology.

When you explore concepts in Coremine Medical you access a database that is structured to relate important concepts, ranked by statistical relevance, to your topic. For example, if you type in "Alzheimer disease," in addition to retrieving documents and resources that discuss the disease, you will be able to view networks and lists that show how your query concept is related to other bio-medical concepts. This provides an overview of concepts that relate to your search as well as being an interface for navigating information on these concepts.

Other important features of Coremine Medical include the possibility to save search results and notes as well as to participate in discussion groups on a relevant theme. By becoming a registered user of Coremine Medical you can use these tools to explore, exchange information and learn.

Help Topics

    1. Features seen only on opening page
    2. Constant elements of the interface
      1. Links at top of page
        1. Login
        2. Register
        3. Help
        4. About
        5. Feedback
        6. Links
    3. Links to Coremine Medical function pages (Explorer, My Page, Tools, Groups discussed in dedicated sections)

    1. Selection - select concepts to explore
      1. Select one concept to explore
      2. Select several concepts
      3. Select concepts from specific concept categories (Filter)
      4. Report a missing concept
      5. Select an expert
    2. Categories - choose concept categories
    3. Network - navigate concepts through an interactive graphic
      1. Add a concept to the Network - insert another concept
      2. Category filter - remove categories of concepts
      3. Network Tools - set viewing and other options
        1. Grid view - change network to table
        2. Network view - change table to network
        3. Save - stores information in My Page Bookmarks
        4. Find in network - text search in network
        5. Filter by connection relevance - limit items displayed by statistical significance
        6. Mouse mode - choose between move and select modes
      4. Best Fit - automatically rearrange network elements
      5. Highlight - cause mouse-over action to highlight connected nodes
      6. Actions on Network or Grid - mouse-pointer initiated actions
        1. Change Focus Concept - select concepts or connections to redirect information displayed in focus panel
        2. Action menu on Node - activate options pertaining to concept shown in network
          1. Select node - labels node for future action
          2. Expand - find more connections to concept
          3. Remove - removes concepts from network
          4. Open in new search - creates new network around concepts
          5. Add bookmark - adds concepts to Bookmarks in My Page
          6. Set alert or Modify alert - add or modify alert status for concept
        3. Action menu on Edge - activate options pertaining to concept shown in network
          1. Focus - change focus to intersection of concepts
          2. Open in new search - launch search based on the two connected concepts
          3. Set or modify alert - add or modify alert status for intersection of concepts
      7. Search history links - retrace recent search resolts
    4. Focus panel - view information pertaining to focus concept
      1. Share - send a search resolt in email or to social media
      2. Bookmark/Alert - save concept to list and receive notice of updates
      3. Synonyms - view other names for concept
      4. Facts - summary info on focus concept
        1. Disease Facts
        2. Drug Facts
          1. Drug Properties
          2. Indications
          3. Mechanisms of action
          4. Metabolizing Enzyme
          5. Targets
          6. References
        3. Procedure Facts
        4. Anatomy Facts
        5. Food Facts
        6. MeSH Facts
        7. Chemical Facts
        8. Cellular Component Facts
        9. Biological Process Facts
        10. Molecular Function Facts
        11. Gene/Protein Facts
          1. Homology - similar protein sequence
          2. Pathways - metabolic or other pathway role
          3. References - Sequence records
        12. Biomedical expert Facts - information pertaining to an expert
          1. Keyword profile - concept keywords extracted from publication list of the expert
          2. Recent research articles (PubMed) - list of articles by the expert
          3. Publishing timeline - bar graph showing number of publications in a given year
          4. Biomedical experts working with similar subjects - list of authors with similar keyword profiles
      5. Extracted Knowledge - by way of mining scientific literature
        1. Biomedical experts - authors of articles
        2. Related concepts - found together in articles
      6. Related articles and hits - lists and links to scientific articles and other sources on the web
      7. User updated content - view and add context notes and discussion groups

  1. Search History - review searches (chronological order)
  2. Bookmarks - view and manage saved concept-maps, concepts, expert names and documents
  3. Alerts - view and manage concepts chosen to trigger email alerts
  4. Notifications
  5. Profile - view and manage password, etc.

  1. Library
    1. PubMed Search - Search with a concept or Expert name to generate a list of articles
    2. List of articles - View list and select articles for Export
    3. View article - View an article
    4. Library basket - Import or Export a list of articles or generate Explorer search with concepts found in article list
  2. File upload